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Food Tourism Planners Get Glimpse into Post-Pandemic Industry with Updated Report

The tourism and hospitality industries have been through a lot this year. Rather than continue to panic, now is the time for businesses and destinations to plan, innovate and prepare for when tourism restarts. And the food and beverage tourism industry faces additional requirements, given its necessary focus on health and safety for all customers – tourists and locals alike.

To help businesses and destinations prepare for our industry’s next steps, the World Food Travel Association (WFTA) has updated its seminal, 350-page Food Travel Monitor report with a special 20-page COVID supplement. The extra pages specifically address how the food and beverage tourism industry is changing due to the pandemic, and what businesses and destinations can do to plan, innovate and prepare to meet the needs of our future customers.

The latest edition of the Food Travel Monitor was released in January 2020. “With the pandemic situation unfolding so rapidly, it became clear that we needed to have another look at our conclusions from the January report, said WFTA Executive Director Erik Wolf. “While most of our conclusions remain unchanged, we updated a few things that have necessarily changed because of the situation our industry is now in.”

Businesses and destinations can order copies of the report here.


The Food Travel Monitor is the world’s largest quantitative study about food and beverage loving travelers. It is a pentennial research report that was last published in January 2020, and last updated in August 2020 with a special supplement covering our industry’s recent changes.

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