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How You Can Participate in World Food Travel Day!

World Food Travel Day on April 18th is for everyone interested and engaged in food tourism, consumers and professionals alike. People working in the food and tourism industries have a fantastic opportunity to highlight the reasons to travel for cultural experiences and they have a unique leveraging power when it comes to creating awareness around cultural heritage. 

Promoting local and authentic culinary experiences in times like these may be quite the challenge, therefore we have put together this practical guide for food tourism professionals searching for inspiration and guidance. As our industry is struggling through confinements and restrictions it is more relevant now than ever to keep on constructing the global awareness around the importance of protecting and preserving our world’s different and unique culinary cultures.

Keep reading for valuable advice on how food tourism professionals can participate in #WorldFoodTravelDay on April 18th and thereby promote a food destination or product!


As a DMO or DMC you have a powerful impact when it comes to helping small businesses to stay informed, but also relevant in the eyes of the visitor. Reach out to your local entrepreneurs and investigate ways to enhance their visibility and why not propose an awareness campaign in the name of the World Food Travel Day?

Wineries, Breweries and Distilleries 

Create a virtual visit and a tasting session for the beverage enthusiasts! Could your fans pre-order your beverage product and interact online via a tasting? Perhaps an instructional piece on your production method and what is particularly important to achieving a perfect blend or brew? 

Food Tour Companies

Food tours have an important impact on the local communities where the tours are carried out, and they possess valuable information about an area’s culinary attractions and heritage. The World Food Travel Day provides a good canvas to illustrate this impact! 


Does your restaurant have a special dish it is known for? Why not show it off on social media for some extra publicity on World Food Travel Day? Try having a chef-cook-along starring your specialty dish! Any take-away special that is pandemic-friendly?

Food Producers 

In the World Food Travel Day spirit, is there perhaps a product you can promote celebrating culinary culture and at the same time create some attention around the specific production method used? 

There is no limit or restriction to what can be posted, presented or celebrated, and trade professionals in the food tourism industry are encouraged to take part in the global movement. This day is dedicated to recognize and show appreciation to culinary cultures around the world, but it also promotes gastrodiplomacy in a broader sense. Reach out to foreign audiences and share your culture, history and heritage through food!

World Food Travel Day is celebrated by everyone – food lovers (consumers), chefs and cooks, tourism offices, bloggers and photographers, pretty much everyone who loves good local food and drink. If you love your area’s local foods, then World Food Travel Day is for you!

As a non-profit, non-governmental organization, regarded as the world’s leading authority on food and beverage tourism, we are committed to our mission: To preserve and promote the awareness of culinary cultures through hospitality and tourism. The World Food Travel Day is part of our vision and we hope to encourage everyone to engage with other food lovers from around the world. 

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