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Download 2020 State of the Food Travel Industry Report

Discover the annual food travel trends! Every year we ask industry experts from around the world to share their opinion on the most important issues facing the food tourism industry today.

The State of the Food Travel Industry report contains 66 pages packed with great information on trends, motivations, and influences of the food travel industry. Discover how things like special diets or Generation Z are impacting food and beverage tourism. The data is presented both qualitatively and quantitatively with the use of easy to read graphs and charts to convey more sophisticated concepts.

Our 2020 State of the Food Tourism Industry Report covers the following topics:

  • Executive Summary: What You Can Expect
  • Importance of the Food Tourism Industry Today
  • Impacts of Food Tourism
  • Spotlight On Learning About Food & Drink
  • Focus on Sustainability in Food Tourism
  • New Opportunities in Food Tourism
  • Focus on Food Tourism Strategy

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