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How Some Food Tour Operators are Facing Covid-19

Have a look at how some food tours around the world are coping with the Covid pandemic.

Maine Food for Thought

Maine Food for Thought an educational food tour based in Portland, Maine, USA has created an official Covid response document with detailed information about their cancellation policies and also special ticket types including a special offers for student and teachers. See their official response here.

Devour Tours

Devour Tours (Spain) has put together a recipe book with their staff’s 32 favorite recipes from across Europe. Have a look at the delicious recipes here. They have also started using the hashtag #stilldevouring to encourage their guides and followers to keep sharing their culinary experiences.

Monterey Bay Food Tours

Monterey Bay Food Tours (California, USA) has made list of all local restaurants open for takeout in their area. This is a wonderful way for small businesses to support each other. See the full list of restaurants here.

The Table Less Traveled

The Table Less Traveled (Seattle area, Washington, USA) which is usually taking groups all around the globe to experience authentic culinary experiences has started  international online cooking classes with the same hosts that their tours visit! Have a look at the upcoming cooking classes here.

Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese Co.

Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese Tours (California, USA) has decided to bring the farm to you by offering virtual farm tours:  “??Welcome to our virtual farm tour series!!?? During these trying times, we are really missing having visitors at the farm so we have decided to bring the farm to YOU! So grab your kids, your partner, the dog, and sit down together to learn all about our sustainable, humane, and beautiful farm with Hospitality Lead, Nikki. We will post one section each day this week- lets call it your daily agricultural science class for all the kiddos at home ?” Watch Part 1 of their virtual farm tours here!

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