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Meet Our Culinary Certified Tourist Guides

We are pleased to introduce a few of the recent culinary tourist guides who have been certified by the World Food Travel Association. The individuals below graduated successfully from our pilot culinary tourist guide certification program, which we are currently testing in Europe in partnership with the European Federation of Tourist Guide Associations.

Catalina Echeverría Bartonova, Denmark

Paulo Cosme, Portugal

Eftychia Kalampoukidou, Greece

Catherine Schlicht-Bang, Denmark

Mike James, England UK

Irene McGrance, Ireland

Suzanne Cole, Ireland

Tanya Jordan, Ireland

Alina Tomer Giurgiu, Romania

Olexii Volkov, Ukraine

Anastasia Michailidou, Greece

Stephen Cribb, Scotland UK

Mette Thornval, Denmark

Jorgen Hartogs, Ireland

Evdokia Zisidou, Greece

Cassie Tiagou, Greece

Heidi Klintemoeller Hansen, Denmark

Beatrice Marion Imbert, France


About the Culinary Tourist Guide Certification

As the number of culinary tour companies grows, so does the demand for culinary tourist guides. There is a wide range of talent among culinary guides. Some guides have been professionally trained, while many others have not. Some guides have great personalities, but limited knowledge of the local culinary culture, which does not lead to a great customer experience. The WFTA certification is designed to train and then assess the culinary visitor experience offered specifically by culinary tourist guides, with the end goal of delivering a high-quality, professional culinary tour. The ultimate goal is high ratings from customers and positive word-of-mouth. The certification is suitable for culinary tourist guides of all types, including food tour guides, wine tour guides, beer tour guides, distillery tour guides, food/beverage manufacturing tour guides and similar roles.

If you are a member of a FEG-member country tourist guide Association and would like to participate in the pilot program, you can go ahead and sign up directly here.  You will need your tourist guide ID to get started. We are also pilot testing a program in Singapore for the Singapore Tourist Board. If you’re in Singapore and would like to participate in the pilot phase, please let us know here. If you’re a culinary tourist guide (including wine, beer, etc.) anywhere else, please let us know here and we will notify you when the program expands to other countries.

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