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Newly Released 2018 FoodTreX Online Summit Recordings

As part of our commitment to our industry, every year we freely publish to our YouTube channel any recordings from our FoodTreX Online Summit that took place two years prior.  In other words, every year, we publish recordings from 24 months ago. We wait for this length of time to add value to those who supported our Association with a paid registration. While the recordings we are releasing today were broadcast 24 months ago, the information is still largely relevant.

FoodTreX events are quality, thought-provoking and topical summits for the food and beverage travel trade industry. If you would like immediate access to webinars and sessions from our future FoodTreX Online Summits, always be sure to register as a paid delegate.

The newly-released 2018 FoodTreX Online Summit recordings include:

Session 1: Peering Into the Food Tourism Future

Food tourism industry founder and World Food Travel Association Executive Director Erik Wolf leads this lively session. What can business owners, entrepreneurs, managers, strategists and destinations expect to see in food and beverage tourism over the next 12 months?

Speaker: Erik Wolf, Executive Director, World Food Travel Association | WATCH FULL WEBINAR HERE

Session 2: Promoting Food Tourism in a Time of Economic Austerity: The Case of Greece

Greece is one of the world’s favorite tourism destinations. Yet in recent years, the country has experienced economic hardships not normally experienced in a developed economy. How can a beloved destination like Greece rise above the clutter and make itself heard? The answer is food and drink. Greek food (i.e. authentic Greek food in Greece) has always been a highlight of any visit to Greece. Our speakers will discuss the measures Greece has been taking to leverage food and beverage tourism in this time of economic austerity. Topics covered include how Greece modified its destination marketing strategy, including branding of its food and beverages in a tourism context; the idea of gastronomy and destination attraction and loyalty; changes made by Greek food and beverage manufacturers to facilitate tourism; and low-/no-cost marketing tactics used by Greek food, beverage, tourism and hospitality businesses. Metrics will compare the economic situation and performance before and after these changes were implemented.

Speakers: Maria Athanasopoulou, Co-Owner, Top Tourism & Xeni Gerna, Vocational Tourism Training Institute, Hellenic Ministry of Tourism | WATCH FULL WEBINAR HERE

Session 3: Managing Food Traveler Expectations in “Overtouristed” Destinations

Managing a luxury travel company in Barcelona, Danny has been in a unique position to witness first-hand the deluge of visitors to one of the world’s most “overtouristed” destinations. For the past few years, Danny has been struggling to offer his clients authentic food and wine experiences, in a destination where the mere demand and traffic of tourists is a threat to the very same authenticity. He finds himself constantly needing to replace once-coveted neighborhood wine bars and restaurant gems in itineraries because they have regrettably become overrun with individual tourists (FITs) and tour groups. So what’s the answer? The solution is actually a combination of approaches. Popular destinations need to facilitate a paradigm shift, while less popular destinations stand to gain. Danny will explain the solutions he sees for the world’s popular and emerging food and beverage destinations.

Speaker: Danny Adler, Managing Director, Adler & Marlow | WATCH FULL WEBINAR HERE

Session 4: Influencers & Your Digital Strategy, What You Need to Know

How to begin with a digital strategy – who, where and when to invest our time and money? Which are the best bloggers, Instagrammers and YouTubers to help you by communicating your values, your brand and the area you represent? In this webinar, we’ll discuss the importance of food in tourism and how to become a recognized brand by using the power of digital tools and online influencers. We will share how to move from being an area known for food and beverages to being an area chosen for its food and beverages. Experiential tourism is a fact, with food and drink being core components. Food and drink can easily shape a region, helping to make it desirable. This webinar will be presented using real examples of destinations, food and wine regions, and brands that have already used influencers to raise awareness.

Speaker: Veruska Anconitano, Award-Winning Writer, The Foodellers | WATCH FULL WEBINAR HERE

Session 5: Let’s Get Digital — Maximizing Your Message in the Millennial Age Details

With millennials officially comprising the largest (and still growing) sector of food and beverage tourism, now it’s more important than ever to speak their language. So if we know WHO we need to be talking to, all that we need to do now is to discover the HOW, WHEN, WHAT and WHERE, right? It sounds complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. In this session, we’ll dive into how to refine your messaging and target it to this emerging, growing group of potential customers. We’ll cover media relations, social media, how to refine your online presence and much, much more. Let’s get digital.

Speakers: Kuvy Ax, Owner, Root PR & Alexandra Palmerton, Owner, The 5th Sense | WATCH FULL WEBINAR HERE

Session 6: Incentives & Support for Small Businesses

The economic potential of experiential tourism for the further development of gourmet travel is significant. It’s about being able to provide interactive food experiences that puts guests at the centre of a well-designed plot. That includes highlighting the USP (unique selling proposition) of the offer. Luisa Puppo will discuss how she planned successful experiential tourism itineraries and initiatives based on gastronomy. In this session, she will focus on the cultural and linguistic dimensions of the relationship with food tourists as drivers for competitiveness  She’ll also look at best practices and case studies in experiential food tourism and provide checklists and operational tools to enhance the customer journey. This session is for destinations, accommodation facilities, restaurants, food manufacturers looking to build on their food cultural biodiversity and grow their food tourism appeal.

Speaker: Luisa Puppo, Manager, Ligucibario and Manager, Liguria by Luisa blog | WATCH FULL WEBINAR HERE

Session 7: From Dream to Profitable Business, How to Make Your Food Tourism Idea Work

Creating a food tourism business isn’t all about food or drink. It’s about being able to execute well on a plan. That includes building relationships, using the right tools, and knowing when to say no. Midgi Moore, CCTP, will discuss how she grew her simple blog into a successful food tour operation. In this webinar, she will discuss the importance of developing and executing an action plan, including tools and tips on negotiations, developing a business plan, growing smartly, and ensuring sustainability. We’ll also look at examples of other smaller businesses that have succeeded in a similar capacity. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur looking to grow your passion into a productive business in food and beverage tourism, then this webinar is for you.

Speaker: Midgi Moore, Owner, Juneau Food Tours | WATCH FULL WEBINAR HERE

Session 8: It’s the People Who Hold It Together, Ireland’s Food Champion Program

As Ireland’s contemporary food scene has emerged in recent years, characters have emerged also, at a grassroots level, championing that scene. People not only contributing to Irish food and cooking through their own individual roles and businesses, but working in their communities, in collaboration with others, to progress Ireland’s immense food potential. Fáilte Ireland’s Food Champions are a critical part of that country’s success. A tourism development organization can only tell its story so many times in so many ways. However, food champions, the people on the ground in the local areas, are in place to share their stories, with visitors and other businesses in the area as well. Fáilte Ireland’s Food Tourism Officer Sinead Hennessy will share the idea behind the Food Champions program, details about what the program does, and metrics of its success.

Speaker: Sinead Hennessy, Food Tourism Officer, Fáilte Ireland | WATCH FULL WEBINAR HERE


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