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WFTA to Host Food Tourism Session During WTM

The World Food Travel Association has been a long-standing partner with World Travel Market/ Reed Exhibitions. Every year, we organize at least one session about food and beverage tourism. Past sessions have included panels with tourism ministers and destination marketers, discussing a wide ranges of issues that are important to food and beverage tourism.

In lieu of an in-person session, since World Travel Market is entirely virtual this year, we are hosting a virtual session entitled, “Current Best Practices in Health & Safety for Culinary Tours, Guides & Travel Sellers.”

The foodservice and tourism industries were arguably the hardest hit by the current pandemic. Food and beverage tour providers are trying to stage a come back, but doing so is hard with the moving target of regulations, which vary drastically by country, and sometimes even within a single country. And even when they have just learned one new law or guideline, it has probably just changed as well. Join us as we hear from some of the very people who are trying to help our culinary tourism industry to get back on its feet.

Speakers include Alushca Ritchie, President, World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations (South Africa); Ivan Man Dy, Founder, Old Manila Walks, (Manila, Philippines); and Randall Obsney, Tourist Guide (Costa Rica). WFTA Executive Director Erik Wolf will moderate the session.

Anyone interested in attending is invited to register directly on the WTM website here.

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