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Calling the World’s Best Food Destinations

The World Food Travel Association (WFTA) is delighted to support the first-ever International Travel & Tourism Awards (ITTA) offered by the World Travel Market (WTM), with which the WFTA maintains a strategic partnership. Specifically, the WFTA is assisting WTM and its Awards by judging in the “Best Food Destination” category.

With the expertise of WTM behind it, the International Travel & Tourism Awards are guaranteed to hold a position of influence and respect in our industry.  Enter your destination today for the Best Food Destination award, as applications close May 31. There are a total of 13 awards categories to choose from, celebrating the success of national, regional, and city tourist boards. These categories recognize outstanding private sector companies and individuals, as well as a specific award to recognize the World’s Best Food Destination. The ITTA ceremony will take place on November 6th, 2018 at Tobacco Dock in London.


The International Travel & Tourism Awards and the Best Food Destination category complement, but do not replace the WFTA’s own FoodTrekking Awards, which will open for entries next month. New for this year, the WFTA is revamping its own FoodTrekking Awards with brand new categories and has consigned the World’s Best Food Destination category to WTM’s own awards program. The FoodTrekking Awards will offer different awards categories from those offered in years past. New categories will celebrate innovation and excellence in food and beverage tourism, which align perfectly with the Association’s own Food Tourism Innovation Summit taking place in London on Sunday, November 3, the day before World Travel Market begins. The WFTA’s own FoodTrekking Awards ceremony will take place at the end of the day at its Food Tourism Innovation Summit.

“Our industry needs successful and innovative role models to emulate, which is why it is essential to recognize excellence and achievement in food and beverage tourism,” says WFTA Executive Director Erik Wolf. “A sincere thank you to our past FoodTrekking Awards applicants and winners. We look forward to taking our food and beverage travel industry into the next decade with leading programs such as our FoodTrekking Awards and WTM’s International Travel & Tourism Awards.”


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