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First Wellness Ambassador Appointed to the World Food Travel Association

Los Angeles-based wellness tourism expert, Camille Hoheb has been appointed as the first Southern Californian Certified Ambassador to the World Food Travel Association. The ambassadorship is an invitation-only leadership position for tourism professionals who demonstrate a commitment to food tourism and who contribute to the development and advancement of food tourism.

Camille Hoheb is the President of Wellness Tourism Worldwide (WTW). She has received 9 awards given for tourism marketing excellence at the One Travel Conference and was recognized as a “Trendsetter” by TravelAge West MagazineWomen in Travel and Tourism International recently awarded Camille as “outstanding mentor in tourism.” Camille is the author of The Guide to Selling Wellness Travel, US Vacationers: Health, Happiness & Productivity and Wellness Travel: Shaping America’s Health & Economy as well as a contributing author on wellness tourism for the Sage International Encyclopedia of Tourism. She is a travel writer and international speaker, and is frequently interviewed and quoted for her insights on wellness tourism. Camille is an Ambassador to Global Wellness Day.

Camille Hoheb, President of Wellness Tourism Worldwide and Erik Wolf, President of World Food Travel Association have long supported each other’s efforts when they first announced a formal partnership agreement in 2013. Both are focused on creating economic opportunities where food and wellness intersects with travel and hospitality. Since then, wellness has gained tremendous acceptance in both the public and private sector as wellness now represents a US$4 trillion economy influencing how people eat, live, work, travel and play. Wellness was also included as a topic of watch in the Association’s brand new State of the Food Tourism Industry 2018 Annual Report (available for free download on the Association’s website).

Mirroring the Association’s work, but adding a wellness focus, Camille provides leadership to destinations, travel suppliers, travel sellers in the promotion of wellness tourism. This is a partnership that supports both leaders’ visions.

“We’re excited to have representation in this important wellness sector among our Ambassador ranks. Camille is one of the world’s foremost experts on wellness and we feel privileged to be working with her,” says food tourism industry founder and Executive Director of World Food Travel Association Erik Wolf.

Camille added, “As people become increasingly wellness-minded, food is an important to wellness vacations, corporate retreats, meetings and for business travel and I am thrilled to team up with the World Food Travel Association, and to be a Certified Ambassador as a champion of food, wellness and travel.

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