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FoodTreX Pamplona Speakers Announced

Join us February 21-22 in Navarre, Spain for FoodTreX Pamplona, the most important gastronomy tourism trade conference that is held in Spain.

A fundamental objective of the Second International Conference on Gastronomy Tourism, FoodTreX Pamplona, is to bring you speakers, tools, ideas and best practices to develop products that visitors want, and to learn how to promote products and experiences to visitors in the best possible way. As one of the food tourism industry’s leading events for the trade, you’ll meet leaders, experts, influencers and practitioners from all around the world, who will present ideas to help grow your business and improve the experiences you offer.

Better gastronomy-oriented businesses and experiences can bring more visitors, more income and local taxes, better community development, and more product exports. This is a critical discovery identified by expert panelists in the 2019 State of the Food Travel Industry Report by the World Food Travel Association. Without the proper direction and planning, however, a destination’s food tourism potential may remain untapped, or fall into an unsustainable pattern that undermines its future. The goal should be to provide meaningful food and drink-related experiences that give visitors a true taste of your destination and create raving fans, convinced guests who will continue to promote your product or destination long after they depart. Attend FoodTreX Pamplona to get the proper direction you need to succeed, including answers to questions such as:

  • How to identify opportunities and define achievable objectives.
  • How to create an effective development strategy.
  • How to involve all the actors in the development strategy.
  • How to create Gastronomic Tourism experiences.
  • How to reach the customer.
  • How to adapt to the market.
  • What are the latest trends and fashions embraced by food lovers?

Over 25 confirmed speakers for the two-day conference include:

  • Erik Wolf, World Food Travel Association, USA.
  • Marc Crothall, Food Tourism Board and Scottish Tourism Alliance, Scotland, UK.
  • Dra. Luisa Puppo, Ligucibario, Italy.
  • Chantal Cooke, Passion for the Planet, UK.
  • Clara Bosh, Ruta del Vino Somontano, Spain.
  • Sophie Cassis, Green Haven Gardens and Le Bon Goût Frais des Îles de la Madeleine, Québec, Canada.
  • Margarita Calleja, Extremadura Turismo, Spain.
  • Kathryn Davis, Visit Bristol, UK.
  • Antoni Aguiló. Fra Roger Association for Food and Culture, Menorca, Spain.
  • Kosuke Nakamori, Manager, Japan National Tourism Organization, Japan.

If you’re in the area, or if food tourism in Spain is important to you, you cannot afford to miss FoodTreX Pamplona.

Learn more and register here.

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