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Introducing Livio Colapinto, our Advisory Board Member from Italy

Livio Colapinto is the co-owner of Zest of Italy, a company founded in 2008 alongside Kathrin Fehervary. The company focuses on delivering quality food and wine tours throughout Italy. He is a Certified Ambassador of the World Food Travel Association. We spent a few minutes with Livio Colapinto to get to know him better.

Livio was born in Torino, Northern Italy, and developed a great passion for cooking from his family. At the age of 8, he was cooking his first meal for the family. Ever since then, he has never stopped searching for the best foods.

After his engineering studies and 7 years of work in finance abroad, he returned to his origins. He paused his career in international banking to get a Master’s Degree in Food Culture and Communication from the University of Gastronomic Sciences.

Livio took his first step into the food industry by becoming the right-hand of Slow Food founder Carlo Petrini for two years. As a result, he attended the Slow Food University of Gastronomic Sciences. Additionally, he supported Oscar Farinetti with the opening of the original Eataly stores in Italy and Japan. Because of this relationship, Livio Colapinto was able to invite Oscar to appear on a recent Eat Well, Travel Better podcast produced by our Association.

Livio got started with the World Food Travel Association almost 6 years ago when he penned a chapter, Food & Drink Manufacturing, in the Association’s Have Fork Will Travel book. For Livio, being a part of the World Food Travel Association gives him a broader perspective about the food and beverage tourism industry. He finds networking one of the most valuable tools the Association offers.

As for his favorite food destinations, Livio has a fondness for Japan due to his stay in Tokyo. Livio is also fascinated by New York City and Los Angeles, due to his many meetings with food retailers there. These companies use Livio’s services to source quality Italian food and beverage products.

What’s next for Livio Colapinto and his company? He’ll be working to develop new travel programs to Italy for both passionate food travelers and foodservice professionals.

You can learn more and follow him here on Instagram or here on Facebook.

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