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Thai Food Ambassador, Max Thammaraks

Max Thammaraks acts as a World Food Travel Association Certified Ambassador in Thailand. He recently sat down for an interview with Spoon & Fork Magazine about his role as a Thai Food Tourism Ambassador.

“Well it’s two fold, one is to continue to promote Thai cuisine to the world, and this can be done through tourism promotional campaigns, investment in the development of cooking schools, processed food, exported raw ingredients, personnel such as chefs or other such support that would help grow reach of Thai cuisine worldwide. In this sense, I aim to work with organizations such as Tourism Authority of Thailand, big companies and government sectors, destination marketers, business owners, students, researchers, entrepreneurs and the media. The other role is to help the World Food Travel Association to find opportunities within Thailand for joint promotion or projects and partnership opportunities. So basically I ant to carve out a space where I can be the narrator and help connect and facilitate.”

Read the full article here

World Food Travel Association is excited to have such dedicated food tourism professionals like Max on their team!

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