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What Purpose Does a Code of Ethics Serve?

Our Association abides by a Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct. That means that we set the standard of professionalism and excellence by which our industry operates. The Code applies to both professional and personal interactions, and outlines our expectations from our Community.

Anyone involved with our Association is expected to follow the Code. This includes all community members; Certified Culinary Travel Professional graduates; Association staff and contractors; Board of Directors, Advisors & Ambassadors; and our Sponsors & Strategic Partners.

We introduced our Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct in 2015 in response to demonstrated in the industry to take a stand on professional integrity. Since then, our Code has been lauded by professionals around the world.

Join as a member today and download your copy of our Code of Ethics & Professional Conduct from our Members Area. Make a professional statement and show the industry the ethical standards in which you abide by.

Below are some of our Association’s newest  members, and all abide by the Code:

Alina Giurgiu, Oradea City Tours

Craig Pascoe, Georgia College

Vicent Marottoli, Wine Lovers Tours

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