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Wine Tourism Gets an Upgrade

Wine tourism has begun to adapt to the new demands of its ever evolving wine loving travelers.

At FoodTrex London | Food Travel Innovation Summit on Sunday, November 4th, a wine tourism expert shares what could be the future of not only wine tourism, but beverage experiences all around the world.


If you thought wine and wine tourism are old-fashioned, or only appeal to an older or wealthier generation of travelers, think again. While wine is a beloved product dating back thousands of years, it only grew into a tourism product relatively recently in our history. As wine continues to grow in popularity, the wine and wine tourism industry has needed to evolve as well. Roberta Garibaldi, wine tourism researcher and expert from the University of Bergamo in Italy, will present a few of the recent, significant changes in wine tourism. Even if your area does not produce wine, many of the ideas can be extrapolated and applied to beer, distilled spirits, mineral waters, fruit juices, etc

Wine tourism is no longer a casual drive from from winery to winery, sipping wines. Now, technology is a big part of the winery experience. Learn how wineries are leveraging technology in the customer experience and what your winery, brewery, distillery, cidery or similar factory tour can do to improve your sales and marketing.

Speaker: Roberta Garibaldi, Wine Tourism Researcher, University of Bergamo, Bergamo, Italy

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