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Food & Drink in Packaged Travel

This month subject: Food & Drink in Packaged Travel

Join us on Tuesday, November 19 as we talk with Catherine Prather, President-Elect of NTA, based in the USA. NTA is one of the world’s largest trade associations for packaged travel. Catherine has been working in packaged travel for almost 20 years and will bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to our discussion. If you work in any way with packaged travel (overnight tours, motorcoaches, etc.), then this session will be of great interest to you.

Our monthly Town Hall meetings are a benefit exclusively for Silver & higher level members of our Association. Any premium member is welcome to attend.  Premium members check in the Premium Member Lounge for links to join the online meeting by computer or call-in for audio only. Bronze members please upgrade to Silver level membership to access Town Hall live and/or to hear recordings of past meetings.

Q&A absolutely encouraged. You don’t have to attend live to hear the discussion but you DO need to attend live to be able to participate in the Q&A.


Day: Tuesday, November 19, 2019
Live Time:  15:00 (3:00 PM) London | 1000 US East Coast


Silver & above members of the World Food Travel Association please RSVP in the premium member lounge in our GastroTerra online community. Not a member yet? Join as a Silver member today and you’ll get access to this month’s meeting, plus future monthly live Town Hall meetings, and access the library of meeting recordings!

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