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Food Tourism & Wellness

This month’s subject: Wellness & Food Tourism: Perfect Partners

Join us on Wednesday, September 25, 2019 as we talk with Camille Hoheb, President of Wellness Tourism Worldwide. This is the first in our series of new monthly Town Hall meetings that are a benefit exclusively for Silver & higher level members of our Association.

Food and wellness are perfect partners. Travelers want to feel their best while they are away. Not only do travelers want to experience local food, consumers today are making conscious food decisions to improve their sense of well-being, de-stress, boost their brain health and live longer. They also make conscious decisions about food choices like the ethical treatment of animals, fair wages, sustainability and the well-being of the planet. Consumers take their behaviors with them when traveling. That’s why the World Food Travel Association has teamed up again Wellness Tourism Worldwide, our strategic partner for many years. Wellness Tourism Worldwide has always had its finger on the pulse of wellness industry trends, and has reported on the key role of food in wellness travel since 2013.

Professionals in tourism, hospitality, food and beverage need to know how wellness integrates with the guest experience and the mindset of consumers today. The goal for both the business and the destination is raving fans – people who return home to rave about their time away – and also return home with knowledge gained from the trip that they want to talk about and share with others. Come join us at the virtual table for lively dialogue about the intersection of food and wellness tourism.

Q&A absolutely encouraged but you have to attend live to ask questions!


Day: Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Live Time:
14:00/2:00 PM London
09:00 AM New York City
22:00/10:00 PM Singapore
01:00/1:00 AM (next day) Sydney


Silver & above members of the World Food Travel Association please RSVP in the premium member lounge in our GastroTerra online community. Not a member yet? Join as a Silver member today and you’ll get access to this month’s meeting, plus future monthly live Town Hall meetings, and access the library of meeting recordings!

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