Amber & Eric Hoffman – Instagram is not a Panacea

Amber and Eric Hoffman are a married couple who are also bloggers living in Girona, Spain in the Province of Catalonia. After extensive careers in law and advertising, Amber and Eric said goodbye to corporate life to travel the world in search of the best culinary destinations and experiences. 70+ countries and six years later, they are still going strong providing tips and recommendations on where to eat and what to eat around the world. They authored The Food Traveler’s Guide to Emilia Romagna, the only English language comprehensive food and wine travel guidebook to that region of Italy. Their second book, the Food Traveler’s Guide to the Costa Brava Spain will be out shortly. In this episode, Eric and Amber draw on their extensive experience with food and travel and share, among other valuable insights, why Instagram is not a panacea.

Discussed in this episode:

  • How being an entrepreneur is a job: you have to take it seriously
  • Why you need to have savings built up before you launch out on your own
  • How “no” is a big motivator
  • Why Instagram isn’t the panacea everyone thinks it is
  • How secondary and tertiary destinations can help solve the overtourism problem
  • How to get professional quality photos and videos without spending a lot

Discussed in this episode:

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