Chantal Cooke – Stop Listening To Other People

In this podcast episode #16 of Eat Well Travel Better, join us as we speak with Chantal Cooke, a noted influencer on the subjects of sustainability, and vegetarian and vegan travel. She hosts the Passion for the Planet website and online radio station. Chantal shares with us her thoughts on how and why food-loving travelers are changing their diets and why she thinks you should stop listening to the advice of others.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How the food tourism industry is behind the times, and why you are missing an important opportunity
  • Why more people than ever are looking for meat-free dishes
  • How traditions move on (and rightly so)
  • How vegetarian food can also please meat-eaters
  • Why restaurant and hotel chefs are actually being prevented by their owners from innovating with vegetarian and vegan cuisine
  • Why we should stop listening to others and start listening more to ourselves

Discussed in this episode:Chantal’s company: Passion for the Planet

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