Rosetta Ferrari – Travel Is The Best Education

In this podcast episode #17 of Eat Well Travel Better, join us as we speak with Rosetta Ferrari. Born and raised in London to Italian parents, Rosetta spent her young life in and around the food industry, but chose to seek an alternative path. In her pursuit of a career in music, the food world kept finding its way back to her in the form of various jobs and opportunities, and eventually her position at a special interest holiday company required her to design and create bespoke itineraries for authentic Italian food tours, which run regularly throughout the year and often sell out at maximum capacity.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • To know and focus on your true strengths, and hire others to do what you need help with
  • For those who are shy, how to arrange circumstances so you will be in a position to overcome your shyness
  • Why authentic cuisines ultimately beget fusion dishes
  • Why regional cuisines are, in many cases, more important than national cuisines
  • Why promoting regions instead of entire countries can help combat overtourism
  • Why travel is the best education

Discussed in this episode:
Rosetta’s company: Gregg Wallace Italian Food Holidays

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Based mainly in Colorado. Loves cheese, rain, and starry nights. Can usually be spotted in the wild wearing a Spirit Jersey and balancing two cameras. Often laughs and cries at the same time. Barely survived one Master's program, but wants to do another.

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