Wojtek Osinski – There’s No Hiding Behind the Internet

In this podcast episode #20, we speak with

10 things’ in Waitrose Weekend – Issue 557, available free in stores from 17th June.

, a refugee from a multinational food manufacturing corporation, where he worked for 20 long years. It’s no surprise that after that much time, one acquires a lot of knowledge, information and experience. The time had come when Wojtek knew this was no longer the place for him. So he went back to his passions, which were food and travel, and focused full-time on his Taste Poland food travel blog, which he had been managing for 6 years. In addition to this noteworthy beacon of where to eat and drink in Poland, Wojtek advises food, beverage and tourism small to medium enterprises how to weave through the myriad complexities of business operations, from sales, to marketing, to strategy and service.

Today the cause Wojtek is most passionate about is the globalization of culinary cultures, which is why he continues to do what he does.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Why food culture makes us unique
  • How greed is a “four letter word” and is destroying food cultures.
  • Why you have to deliver a consistently excellent experience; there is no hiding behind the internet.
  • Why people crave authenticity and human connection – that’s why companies exist to match travelers to hosts to share meals in homes.
  • That business owners overlook the customer journey, but it’s one of the most critical things for you to understand to meet customer expectations.

Discussed in this episode: Wojtek’s company: Taste Poland Food & Travel Consulting Taste Poland Blog

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