John Mulcahy – Don’t Ask for Permission, Ask for Forgiveness

In this podcast episode #21 of Eat Well Travel Better: The Business of Food Travel podcast, we speak with John Mulcahy, a hospitality and food tourism professional from Ireland. John has packed a lot into forty years – studying, observing, and participating in the tourism and hospitality industry as a student, employee, employer, owner, lecturer and public servant, largely in Ireland, but also in the USA, the UK, & the Middle East.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How to be part of the solution not part of the problem
  • Why you should take the road less traveled and don’t be afraid where it leads. You’ll surprise yourself.
  • Not to be scared to make mistakes; it’s the only way to learn
  • To follow your heart and the money will follow after.
  • That it’s OK to chase the money for a short while, but have a Plan B.
  • Why you should not ask for permission, rather for forgiveness
  • How the benefits of food tourism ripple out to all areas of the economy.
  • Why providers should not focus on creating just a product. Instead, they should create an experience. (This is similar to our Association’s long-standing quote, “Serve a memory, not a meal).

Discussed in this episode: John’s links:

John on Academia.edu

John on LinkedIn

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