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In this episode #30, we speak with Richard Bagnold. A Londoner by birth, food has been an integral part of Richard’s life since his early days, positively influenced by the Scandinavian dishes prepared by his Norwegian mother. Throughout his life, he has worked in various capacities in foodservice including as kitchen porter, commis chef, waiter and barman. His passion for quality food continued to grow and in 2017, he founded his Major Foodie website, a play on words representing both his love of food as well as his military training. Today, he’s one of the few people who have eaten in every Michelin star restaurant in the UK. He travels the world looking for his next great meal, and he documents his discoveries to his nearly 21,000 followers on Twitter and 15,000 on Instagram. If you’re looking for London’s best kept food secrets, Richard’s your man.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • There’s no substitute for work experience – you’ve got to just do it.
  • The earlier you get a start towards outlining your life’s path, the better.
  • Persist in what you want until you get it.
  • Mistakes can be overcome – focus on how to improve and you will.
  • How to maximize your experience (and even save a little money) at fine dining restaurants

Discussed in this episode:

Richard Bagnold Concierge Services

Major Foodie Dining Reviews

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