Isi Laureano – Remember to Love Yourself Along the Way

In this episode #32, we speak with Isi Laureano. Isi is so passionate about food, she says that you would have to chop her hands and legs off to stop her from cooking. She loves her country, the Philippines, and its culture and beauty, but hates the traffic and laziness. Isi’s sense of humor is playful, which sometimes you’ll see when she is exploring the local markets. Isi loves life and her son, who is her main driver in life. And if Isi could feed everyone who needs a meal, she would.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Why you need to build your network of contacts because on experience leads to another, and doing one job could open doors to doing your dream job later
  • Why we can all be food travelers in our own countries
  • Why her greatest foodservice concerns are relentless competition, the logistics of sourcing quality ingredients from outside her area, and food waste
  • How careful advance planning can reduce or eliminate food waste
  • Why we need to remember to love ourselves while we’re helping others
  • Why we need to be careful of people who say one thing and act differently

Discussed in this episode:

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