Ewan Henderson – Ride on the Shoulders of Giants

In this episode #34, we speak with Ewan Henderson, the man behind Hendo Talks, a drinks industry professional and Scottish food champion. He’s from Glasgow, Scotland and currently there in lockdown. He’s well-travelled in Europe and Asia, and is working his way across the USA to seek out the best dive bars and foodie experiences. Ewan made his name as the ‘Molecular Magician’ by pairing Scotch whisky with food at a molecular level. His end game is to provide pairing confidence and entertain audiences around the globe. He works in Scotch whisky and rum and don’t get him talking about the terroir of rum – he could go on for hours. He’s a keen hiker, desperate to be let loose once the Scottish highlands are opened again.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why you need to move with the times
  • How the actual process of researching affects knowledge retention
  • Why you need to think differently to solve old problems
  • Why people with different perspectives can add value to a discussion and give a better final result
  • Why the pandemic has been an opportunity for many companies

Discussed in this episode:

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Based mainly in Colorado. Loves cheese, rain, and starry nights. Can usually be spotted in the wild wearing a Spirit Jersey and balancing two cameras. Often laughs and cries at the same time. Barely survived one Master's program, but wants to do another.

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