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usually with a childless millennial like myself.

Hi! Welcome to Two Forks and a Passport. Here you’ll find random stories I’ve written

about cool places and many (mis)adventures, as well as the occasional tips, tricks, secrets, and recipes that I’ve gathered from my trips.

If you’d rather just ogle where I’ve been and what I’ve eaten, the gallery is full of my favorite pictures.

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Stories, tips & tricks, hidden gems, must do’s, fun facts, and (practically) no selfies.


Eat + Drink

Street food, fancy food, best eats, drinks for days, and of course, food pics.



Crafts, souvenirs, recipes, and other random stuff that results in varying degrees of mess.


Union Station, Denver, USA
Molino de Aixerrota, Getxo, ESP
Imperial Palace, Tokyo, Japan
Berliner Dom, Berlin, GER
Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao, ESP
Miami Beach, FL, USA
Gurten, Bern, Switzerland
Metro Line 6, Paris, France
Blausee, Bern, Switzerland


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