About The Blog

As a chronic over-sharer with terrible memory, a blog seemed like the right way to preserve my adventures.

Through vibrant pictures and (occasionally foulmouthed) stories, I try to convey all the magic and wonder of discovering new places, like a park just around the corner, or a town somewhere so remote that it requires more transportation methods than I can list. Or the nostalgia of revisiting old favorites, those that you get hell for (“You’re going to Disneyland, again?”) because no one understands why they’re so special to you, but you.

For one reader or a thousand, I hope these chronicles will evoke the same marvel (and laughter!) as they did in me, and inspire you to go on some fantastic adventures of your own.



About Me

Hey there! I’m Andrea. I’m a US-born Mexican with a German last name who’s extremely proud of her heritage.

I studied Tourism Admin in college with a minor in Hotel Management, because someday I want to own a lodge. But really, I love traveling, eating, and truly connecting with a place and its people, which is why I then pursued a Master’s in Food Tourism. I consider myself a realist with a positive spin, but I won’t sugarcoat things. I might pixie dust them, though, since I’m a former Cast Member and lover of all things Disney. I seem to be both always saving money and perpetually broke. And I love animals. Mostly cats.



Still curious? Here’s what I’m up to now.













Truth be told, I wanted this blog to be named “Two Passports and a Fork” for reasons that may or may not be obvious; most of all because those are things that I always travel with.  But a) it was much harder (for me and my limited skills, at least) to design something based off of that name and b) it didn’t have as much of a ring to it as “Two Forks and a Passport” did. Ultimately, that name reflected what I loved much better: sharing a meal with someone, and traveling around this big, beautiful world.