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Brunch for One at Bardot Brasserie


A triple B in Spanish would usually stand for bueno, bonito y barato. In this case it stands for Brunch at Bardot Brasserie, which is two out of those three things: good and pretty. Cheap, not really. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

I made a 9am reservation for the Aria Resort restaurant several weeks in advance, worried I might miss out, but found myself lying in bed at 8:30, unable to get out and certainly unable to make the reservation. Fortunately for me, it was an easy change. Bumped to 10am. 

I fidgeted with my pale turquoise flats most of the way there, dressed in what can only be described as meant-to-look-effortless, but really took-an-hour-to-put-together. Dress code: Upscale Casual, whatever the fuck that means.

I knew the restaurant was meant to resemble a Paris brasserie, but it still surprised me just how chic it actually was once Bella led me inside.

The interiors are moody and dark in color yet manage to feel bright and cozy; it’s the iconic black and gold color palette of the roaring 20s, with accents in rich cream and mahogany, and soft pink highlights here and there.

There’s a Hemingway quote tucked around the corner, and the air is thick with expensive perfume. Whether that’s a guest or the restaurant itself is hard to tell. 

I knew way in advance what I wanted, so I wasted no time ordering once Ace, my server, came around.

Carmen, my busser, brings out a room temp pitcher of water along with my drink, La Peche Mode (d’ussé cognac, crème de pêche, lemon, ginger, mint), shortly after. I take a huge, unassuming sip. Why do people drink this early in the morning!? And why is this so sweet? And although that would usually be fine, paired with the French toast that should be arriving any moment now, it doesn’t seem like the best combination. Ace was right, though. It is very refreshing. 

The Hunter’s Waffle (also shown on some versions of their menu as Glazed Duck Confit under Eggs Benedict) is composed of a sourdough waffle, poached eggs, sauce maltaise, and two very rectangular hash browns.

I’m not entirely sure what I was expecting from this, perhaps an overpowering richness considering the ingredients. But no, the waffle is so balanced in flavors, temperatures and textures. It’s hot and cold, and warm where everything clashed. Crispy around the edges and soft inside. It doesn’t look like there’s much confit, but there is quite a bit underneath the poached eggs. Which mind you, are the best poached eggs I’ve had in a very long time. Just right, at that point where you cut into them and the yolk slowly runs out, not just immediately spills everywhere. The duck is not greasy at all and melts in your mouth, mixing and mingling with all the other flavors. The maltaise could have used more salt, but together with everything else is not something you’d miss.

But the hash browns, my god. They were the crispiest potatoes I’ve ever had in my life. A little crispier and they might have been hard to bite into. The exterior is quite thick, but the inside was as silky as buttery mashed potatoes. If Belgians made hash browns, I’m sure they would be something like this. 

I’m already regretting not getting the foie gras along with this, but there is no way I can justify getting it for an extra 18$ when I used to pay 2€ for the same 3 ounces. Alas.

The French Toast is not a slice of brioche. It’s a goddamn cube. Caramelized on the outside, soft but firm enough to hold the massive scoop of vanilla bean mascarpone and slab of almond brittle daintily perched on top. A drizzle of orgeat syrup (almonds + rose water + sugar; I didn’t know either) ties all the flavors together. 

At this point I’m too full to eat another bite but didn’t dare waste such a delicious meal. Ace kindly packs it in a sturdy pearl to-go bag for me.

Before heading out, I made a quick lap around the restaurant to check out the rest of the details. The foyer outside the restrooms almost feels like someone’s home.

And of course, the restrooms themselves are impeccable. And while I normally don’t take pictures in or of bathrooms (what am I, a 17 year old in the club?), I think I’m justified this time.

Bardot’s awards are displayed along seasonal decor, oddly harmonious with the rest of the brasserie.


Chef Michael Mina did really well with this one. Not that he needs me to tell him. 


Bardot Brasserie is located on the 2nd Level Promenade inside the Aria Resort, on 3730 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. Open for brunch Friday through Sunday from 9:00 to 14:00.

p.d. the french toast made it all the way back to Colorado Springs where I reheated it and ate it for dinner, and it was pretty much just as good as it was earlier that morning. 


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