2024 Travel Ins and Outs
A trendier title for 2024 Travel Trends.


The “out” of following travel trends is about as ironic as when Hipsters went Mainstream. 


I woke up on January 1st to find all of my social feeds full of Ins/Outs lists.

I knew I’d have to write one myself eventually, so after some light research, heavy musing, and wishful thinking, these are the things that I’m looking out for in travel this 2024.



Taking it easy

Being stressed on vacation is done. Stressing about planning a vacation is so done. Stress as a whole is doooooone. This is the year to leisurely explore a destination, fully appreciate the little things, immerse yourself in authentic experiences, do something spontaneous. It’s also the year to be more flexible about when you book, when you vacation, and everything in between. Gone are the days when Japan was reserved for Sakura season or summers were for Europe. If you find a good deal, you’re taking it. We’re just going with the flow.


Travel Insurance

This one is on my list for two reasons: the rise in prices for everything travel + the increased likelihood of a flight delay or cancellation means my investment is more valuable and needs protecting. The second is a personal anecdote that could have ended very, very badly. The best part is it doesn’t even have to be a complicated ordeal. Almost every airline will offer you the add-on while completing your flight booking. If you’re looking for more control, there are tons of companies you can check out. I’m partial to World Nomads. In any case, including travel insurance in your budget goes a long way both mentally and monetarily. 


House swapping

A direct result of increasing restrictions on short-term rentals, house-swapping has been rising in the ranks of alternative lodging. Of course, it’s not for everyone, but if you can make peace with the idea of strangers living in your space (which isn’t so far removed from renting out an extra room in your home), it can be really interesting and rewarding in the end. If you don’t have a space to trade, you could always try housesitting.


Destination dupes

No money? No problem! If you can’t make it out to your dream destination this year, users all over the world have taken to finding destinations that serve as alternatives for that bucket list place. In their Unpack ’24 report, Expedia defines dupes as “destinations that are a little unexpected, sometimes more affordable, but every bit as delightful as the tried-and-true places travelers love”. Instead of Bali, why not try out Lombok?


Train travel

Repeat after me: I will never travel on a plane if I can help it. Ridership in the US alone increased by almost 25%, according to Amtrak, and rail travel as a whole grew over 35%. This trend is not only driven by a desire to reduce their carbon footprints by skipping flights, but also by wanting to slow down and enjoy the scenery and stops along the ride. Luxury train trips are the vacation. In countries where high-speed rail is already a staple, many are taking steps to modernize existing infrastructure. Meanwhile, in the US companies like Amtrak have a $75 billion expansion plan, and Brightline just completed their Miami – Orlando line, with plans to have the Las Vegas – Los Angeles line running by 2027. Added bonus? According to Conde Nast Traveler, train stations are becoming the go-to destination for good, local food and drink experiences.



Trendy destinations

The last thing you want to do on vacation is having to wait in an hours-long line to catch a glimpse of the view that 100 other people are trying to as well. FOMO is – thankfully – finally dying out. And not just for our benefit as travelers; popular destinations are packed, and local communities are bearing the brunt. Horseshoe Bend famously added an entry fee back in 2019, and Venice just started selling tickets this year for access starting on April 25th. Fodor puts together a yearly “No List” – a list of places you should really reconsider visiting. Can’t bring yourself to erase a destination from your bucket-list? You could consider traveling in the off or shoulder season instead.


Packed itineraries

Do you ever return from a trip feeling like you need a vacation from that vacation? Same. I used to try to see every single tourist spot on my list, and that just ended up making me frustrated when I missed something. We had no flexibility if plans changed suddenly because every second of the day was occupied by something. Gen-Z and Millennials especially are letting go of set-in-stone plans and just going with whatever they feel like in the moment. Taking it one step further, according to Booking.com, about 50% of travelers want to not plan anything at all and book a surprise trip. Everything, including the destination, is unknown until the moment you arrive at the airport. Spontaneity rules!

Capsule wardrobes

I for one am over having to match four blouses with three pairs of pants and two pairs of shoes. And whilst I’m certainly not advocating for checking in 2 whole suitcases for a month-long trip, I want to have many cute outfits for my trip, I need layers for how crazy the weather has become, and I require both fancy shoes and comfortable shoes. There are plenty of ways and a bunch of hacks to pack efficiently and maximize your carry-on real estate that don’t involve repeating outfits or giving up your skin care routine. 



Performative travel is overrated. Posting every second of every day is exhausting. If memory serves me right, one of the most prevalent trends on my feeds in 2023 was the Instagram v. reality videos of popular destinations. If you’re spending more time and effort trying to capture the perfect shots rather than actually enjoying your trip… yeesh. And sharing that you’re out on vacay as well as your every move is not exactly the safest idea, either.



Dry January, Sober October, mocktails, wellness trips. The common denominator? No alcohol. Something that has historically (and iconically, if you ask me) been a part of vacations is slowly being pushed to the wayside in favor of healthier alternatives. Gen-Z already drinks less than Millennials, and the widespread availability of alcohol-free spirits and drink alternatives make for a very easy change. According to Expedia, 50% of travelers would be interested in staying at a hotel that offers alcohol-free options. And honestly? I’m glad. As much as I enjoy a good glass of wine or a cold beer on the beach, we could all stand to be healthier. 


So, what do you think? Is there anything you’d like to see come or go in terms of travel in 2024? Let us know in the comments!


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