World Food Travel Day 2022
Did you know we have our very own holiday?


While thinking about what to write for this year’s World Food Travel Day, I found myself going back to the whole “food is made to be shared” concept (which, I mean, it is) that I had expanded on in my motivation letter for my Master’s.

p.s. If you’re fed up with me talking about my Master’s, I apologize both for the many mentions and also because I have no intention of shutting up anytime soon. It’s one of my biggest achievements, and I’m crazy proud damn it. 

So, between running low on inspiration, and honestly, time, I thought it best to just share what I wrote a while back:

The relationship between man and food has existed for as long as humanity itself. We were nomads in search of food, changing with the seasons and migration patterns, feeding on what was available and out of necessity. Once we discovered how to raise livestock and grow our own crops, the need evolved until it was no longer just a necessity, but also a desire. Limited only by circumstance, we could choose what to plant, and pick animals with the most preferable traits. As time passed, we reached new locations; each individual bringing with them knowledge and a set of tastes and preferences that would eventually determine our lifestyle and would be reflected in our cuisine.

Nowadays, our relationship with gastronomy can take many forms. Eating out of necessity, cooking for daily life, or those who cook to feed and share with others.

There are also those who, echoing our nomadic origins, are on the move in search of the perfect foods. A chef who travels in search of exotic ingredients, food lovers who explore new regions through gastronomy, those who seek to be fashionable by visiting the latest trendy restaurant or trying the most popular dish. Food is a powerful motivator that, often, is best enjoyed in company.

It is shared with family at home, or with travel partners in a new place. It is experienced with people who open up their doors and showcase their culture through the food they prepare. It is enjoyed by oneself, and then shared over social media with acquaintances and followers.

Gastronomy is a portal through which you can connect with people, understand the cultures they come from, and have the opportunity to fully immerse in them. The spiciness and color of Mexico, the aromatics of India, the tradition and finesse of French food; a true reflection of the roots of each land…

Stories and food are similar in that way, something meant to be shared with others. Although one could argue that food is a story in and of itself. Are there any stories of meals you’ve loved that you’d like to share? 


Learn more about World Food Travel Day here, and don’t forget to share your pictures on social media with the hashtag #WorldFoodTravelDay!


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