A Midnight Bus to Mexico City Airport
One of the nicest buses I've ever been on.


If there’s one thing to be said about buses in Mexico, it’s that they are some of the nicest, cleanest, most comfortable, and just all-around best buses I’ve had the pleasure of being on. To give you an idea, buses in Mexico are more or less at the same standard than second class trains in Europe, whereas most buses around the world are uncomfortable, noisy, and cramped (looking at you, Greyhound).

So having to jump on one to get to my flight to Japan was never going to be an issue (until it was on the way back, but that’s another story).

I did say it would be short, so let me just get into why I love them so much and recommend them to anyone traveling in Mexico.

This particular bus is a Pullman de Morelos that goes straight to the airport, so the layout is a bit different than other buses around the country. But the good things stand true for them all. Also, any bus going to or coming from the Mexico City Airport is subject to a metal detector and bag check. Before boarding, you get a snack and a drink which changes between breakfast and lunch/dinner. Cookies for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch. And always a water bottle plus juice, soda, or coffee. 

I’m the first one on board, which allows me take this picture to show you the layout of the bus:

At the very back of the bus there are 8 seats, set in a 2 forward facing x 2 backward facing configuration, one on each side. This is usually my favorite place to sit because of the table, which allows me to comfortably work on my computer for the next 2 hours.

And a little behind those are the restrooms (thankfully split into male and female), and hot and cold water dispensers (which seems small but makes a huge difference when you didn’t have time to fill your water bottle back at the house).

Not too shabby for 21 USD for a one-way trip, I’d say. Especially considering a similar trip in Europe (Say, Donostia to Bilbao Airport) would be 17 € (19 USD).

I still have several hours until my flight to Tokyo, with a stop in Houston. So, for now, I’ll just settle into my makeshift desk and do some more research on Japanese rail service.

Have you ever been on a bus in México? How do you feel about them?


Pullman de Morelos buses that depart Cuernavaca towards Mexico City Airport leave exclusively from the Casino de La Selva bus terminal, located at Av. Plan de Ayala #102, Cuernavaca, Morelos, México.


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