Blossoms of Light at Denver Botanic Gardens


When the sun sets in Denver, light and color flood the Gardens. The Denver Botanic Gardens, that is.

From their Website:

The Gardens’ signature event for over three decades, this annual holiday lights extravaganza transforms our York Street location into a twinkling winter wonderland. With fresh and exciting new features including a 360-degree immersive light experience, along with some fan favorites, this year’s display is brighter and more expansive than ever before. Join us for this family-friendly event that has become a holiday tradition for thousands of Front Range families.

The first time we ever visited this dazzling exhibit was in December of 2016, although back then we didn’t enjoy it as much as we were supposed to. I was fresh off a plane from a toasty 75°F-Mexico and landed in 23°F-Denver with nothing more than a jacket, slip-on sneakers, and half the battery on both my phone and camera. At 7:30 pm, with only an hour and a half until closing, straight to the Gardens it was. Between chattering teeth and tractionless shoes, my time was spent trying to warm up and not slip, partially oblivious to the wonderful show around me.

THIS YEAR, however, we were more than prepared with 6 pm entry tickets, snow boots, a nice down jacket, gloves… and 35 °F. WELP, better safe than sorry. So with a steady, leisurely, warmer pace, here are some of the highlights of this year’s Blossoms of Light.

Upon entering through the visitor’s center, you can find restrooms on your right side, and the beginning of the trail on your left.

Several feet further down, the path snakes around a stunning (glass?) sculpture, bringing you up close to the Waring House, where, if you look closely, you can spot Santa dropping off presents and enjoying milk and cookies.

I’m almost positive this conservatory/gazebo/greenhouse (seriously, take your pick) wasn’t here back then, but I must say it seems like a welcome addition, providing a nice backdrop for family pictures, selfies, and even proposals.

This may be the largest illuminated tree in the garden.

Synchronized to ambient music, the lights in this tunnel dance around while you make your way to the next area of the gardens.

Wherever you turn, the colorful twinkling lights adorn your path.

Lurking in the darkness and fog, you can see “The Enchanted Forest” on your far right.

If you looked really closely at the orange lights on the ground, you could see them moving, turning the still snow to flowing lava.

And into the grove it is. So twinkly and majestic.

And just around the corner on the right, shards start to pop up in every color. (I like to call this the Lightsaber Path, but are there even Kyber crystals in these many colors?🤔)
The Japanese Garden is lit up in appropriate cherry blossom pink and green. 

Spheres float above a frozen pond, fading in and out and cycling through an array of colors.

The 360-degree immersive light experience is the last display before returning to the Visitor’s Center.

For those wondering, there are hot drinks, snacks and a full menu available during Blossoms of Light, as well as HoloSpex Glasses ($2) and a souvenir mug ($16).

Tickets are $14-$19 for Members, depending on the date, and $16-$21 for Non-Members, depending on the date as well.

Blossoms of Light runs November 29, 2019, to January 3, 2020, from 5 to 9 pm.


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