Photo Tour: Miami Beach Botanical Garden & Holocaust Memorial


Although it’s one of the smaller Botanic Gardens I’ve been in, there’s two things to be noted: First of all, it’s free, and second, even though it may not be very big, it certainly makes up for it in variety and ease of getting lost. Or maybe I’m just an idiot.

For whatever COVID-related reason, access was through the service entrance, putting me square in the middle of the butterfly garden.

Atala Butterfly

I’d forgotten how absolutely draining the hot, humid air in Florida could be, especially with the rainy weather. I hid in a gazebo for the better part of an hour while sending pictures and updates to my loved ones.

Gazebo at Miami Beach Botanical Garden

The Miami Beach Botanical Garden, founded in 1962, is home to a wide variety of birds, butterflies, moths, turtles, fish, bees, and the occasional lizard.

Brown Anole

Separated into 12 unique sections, there are quiet, intimate spots scattered throughout.

Stone bench at Miami Beach Botanical Garden
Stone bench at Miami Beach Botanical Garden

The predominantly green surroundings are dotted with reds and oranges…

Red bridge (Guzei) in Japanese Garden at Miami Beach Botanical Garden

…pinks and yellows.

Rainbow Shower Tree
Philippine Ground Orchid

The koi run circles around the pond, mouths open looking for someone who’ll feed them.

Koi Pond at Miami Beach Botanical Garden

A turtle chases its mini-me.

Turtles in pond

And a majestic unicorn observes stoically from behind the glorious jungle Philodendrons and hardy Bananas.

Berries like these would usually trigger danger warnings in my head but both these species are apparently safe to eat and even made into jams, jellies, and wines.

American Beautyberry

A beautiful Banyan stretches up towards the sky.

Banyan Tree

The Great Lawn gives me the first look of the Miami blue.

Right outside is the palm tree-lined path to the Holocaust Memorial Miami Beach. I was unaware that Florida has one of the highest populations of Holocaust survivors in the United States.

The First Sculpture
The Garden of Meditation
The Arbor of History
The Dome of Contemplation
The Lonely Path
Expressions of Terror
The Lonely Path
The Memorial Wall
The Final Sculpture


You can learn more about the Holocaust Memorial here.

The Botanic Garden in located at 2000 Convention Ctr Dr, and the Holocaust Memorial at 1933-1945 Meridian Ave, Miami Beach, FL.


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