Meow Wolf Las Vegas: Omega Mart
You have no idea what's in-store!


I would have much rather started my Meow Wolf adventures in chronological order (House of Eternal Return in Santa Fe was first), but when in Vegas, I guess.

Upon entering Area 15, which felt like willingly boarding an alien spacecraft, Omega Mart is on your left.

Knowing I was very limited on time and was unlikely to be able to come back anytime soon, I read up on the story of the #1 Supermarket in the Worlds. You’d think I wouldn’t be surprised by the oddities found here, but aisle after aisle still managed to induce giggles, snorts, and the occasional squeal of discovery.



I counted 8 different portals within the store which led either to the Factory, the Village, or the Dramcorp Offices. It was in the Village that I first noticed something sinister might be afoot.



Once I made it to the offices, the cult vibes emanating from Cecelia Dram and her Leadership Ascension Track were impossible to ignore. Little by little, mostly through security camera footage, the truth behind the mysterious disappearances was revealed.



Down in the factory, bits and pieces filled in the holes in the story. And although factories will always have warnings, the ones in this particular plant should have been red flags all on their own.



The frequent travel through portals took most of my energy (despite not going on the slides, which are currently closed), so, exhausted from my sleuthing, I found myself wandering into the bar hidden behind the store’s pharmacy.

As if exploring Omega Mart wasn’t trippy enough, a very buzzed self (like me) might end up doing triple takes and feel generally unable to comprehend anything. That was my cue to end the day. Besides, Jo was already waiting for me at the exit.


Omega Mart is located inside Area15 at 3215 S Rancho Dr, Las Vegas, NV.


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