Two Nights of Luxor-y in Las Vegas


I’m not sure luxury is the right term for this, especially since I only ended up staying here as it was my cheapest option. But it works for a good pun. It was still one of the nicer hotel rooms I’ve stayed in. And highly themed. Isn’t that Las Vegas for you?

After a few minutes of trying to navigate the mazes that are Vegas hotels and seeing the line at check-in, I decided it’d be easier to just check in on the MGM app and use that to open my door. Something I almost immediately regretted, as I barely made it to my room before my phone died.

 To their credit, they have several kiosks all around (not just the main lobby/front desk area) where you can just print your key card and go.

I had just enough battery to take a picture of the surreal, fantastic view from the hallway. I don’t know how I missed it from below, but then again, the resort is massive. It wasn’t until now that I realized that the elevators (also hard to find) are inclined. I don’t know about you, but that used to be a recurring nightmare of mine. There’s no way I’m taking the stairs though 馃槀

This is what my Pyramid Premier King room looks like. It was the cheapest room available, if you can believe it. And a fun fact on that, you can actually fight the dreaded resort fee by going to the front desk and going back and forth for a while. You won’t be able to make use of the amenities covered by it (which seriously, should be included anyways – parking, gym, wifi, etc.), but most of the time, those are things that at least I won’t be using. And it saves you about $40 a night. I wish I had known that before I booked this stay.

The bathroom was really spacious, but it feels in need of a refurb pronto.

The amenities are fine, but the fact that the conditioner doesn’t match was giving me a severe tick. 

I only sat at the desk for about an hour, but oh boy was the chair comfortable. For a second I almost felt like I had my life together.

I looked for the safe everywhere and found it in the last place I expected. Lest you have a large number of things to store, this seems like quite an ingenious location.

The bed is stupid cozy, so much so that I passed out within seconds of bellyflopping onto it on both nights. And just the right number of pillows too. Friends was playing on tv, which ever since Netflix took it away, I’ve been watching whenever and wherever I can. I was thinking of getting some food, but to my surprise, room service stops at 13:45 (like, why?), and the only place within the resort that had 24h takeout was the Backstage Deli. 

At this point it was around 11pm, and I really didn’t feel like going down and trying to find the caf茅 only to then spend another 30 minutes getting back to my room. Which now that I’ve said it out loud, is probably why they don’t have room service at all hours. But that’s what a resort fee should be for!

This actually isn’t the first time I’ve found myself searching for food at not-so-late hours in Vegas. Back in 2019, my family and I stopped there overnight and the only place open near our hotel was a middle eastern joint which was delicious, but it’s surprising – and mildly disappointing – that there aren’t more options. So I settled in with my half croissant and chai latte courtesy of Starbucks and promptly fell asleep a few minutes later.

The view at night is pretty cool, but the sunrise the next morning was so colorful and surprisingly peaceful.

In the morning though, there were plenty of restaurants open, as well as stores, so I quickly grabbed a protein snack pack, an OJ, a small milk and some cookies for later. 

Had I not been limited in space, I would have taken one of each of these cuties along with me. There’s nothing that I love more than themed merchandise. 

I can’t imagine that the Park MGM has anything like this, though.


A night at the Luxor starts at $45.00 + $35.00 resort fee (馃槫). It’s located on the south end of the Strip, riiiight next to the airport, at 3900 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.




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