Miyako City Osaka Hommachi
A lush, well located, sort of affordable stay in the Chuo Ward.


Perhaps it’s the fact that I stayed at a westernized hotel instead of a ryokan or minshuku, but I was surprised how not-different this hotel was. At 156 USD a night (with breakfast), I hadn’t a single complaint.

Two extremely fluffy pillows. Unobtrusive and sufficient lighting.

The difference is in the details: soft cotton pjs, a centralized light control with charging port, tucked away coffeemaker, textile freshener, slippers. All minimal, all stylish. 

A balcony, wide open to help circulate air and partially hide my reflection, and a nice chaise lounge where I’d get some work done later.

Outside, views of both sides of the street and a breeze that ruffled my already messy hair.

A pristine bathroom, wet room, and my first encounter with those buttons. The first time I’ve actively liked the provided toiletries. 

Someone explained that the point of all the amenities usually included in Japanese hotels is that you don’t have to bring anything extra with you and simply enjoy your stay.

Downstairs, the neatest luggage storage room I’ve ever seen. Self-served, you set a 4-digit combination and loop the lock around the handles of your stuff. It wouldn’t stop anyone from opening them up, though, but that’s a different problem.

The guest lounge is open, bright, and full of greenery. A cozy place to relax from 3 to 10pm.

Maps and flyers are second to the library of curiosities adorning the wall. There are PCs and a printer around the corner, as well.

Free coffee, tea, and some snacks and a self-serve wine bar which is almost as cheap as the glasses I used to get in Donosti. 

The greenery extends into the lobby, where the self-check-in kiosks I used last night keep the front desk staff company.

I can appreciate the outside world in the daylight now. The 308 windows look nicer at night, though.

Take my 5/5 pillows, Miyako City. I’d stay here again in a heartbeat.


The Miyako City Osaka Hommachi is located on 1-8-7 Kitakyuhoji-machi, Chuo-ku, Osaka 541-0057, Japan.


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